Highlights from the 2017 AERE Luncheon & Business Meeting

AERE held its Annual Luncheon and Business Meeting on January 7, 2016 at the Swisshotel in Chicago, IL.  The annual luncheon is held in conjunction with the ASSA meetings.  President Laura Taylor, pictured with AERE Vice President, Andrew Plantinga (right) and Professor Christopher Costello, presided over the luncheon program.

In addition to updating members on the 2017 Summer Conference, the 2018 World Congress, AERE's journals and financial standing, the Outstanding Dissertation Award was presented.

Dr. Casey Wichman received the 2016 Wallace E. Oates Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award for his dissertation titled "Information and Environmental Policy" (University of Maryland, College Park, 2015).  

Professors Maureen Cropper and Rob Williams, shown above with Dr. Wichman (center), co-chaired his dissertation committee and nominated him for the award.  Dr. Wichman is currently a Fellow at Resources for the Future, where he continues to conduct research at the intersection of environmental and public economics.

Professor Stephen Polasky, Regents Professor and Fesler-Lampert Professor of Ecological / Environmental Economics at University of Minnesota gave the AERE Fellow's Keynote Address.  

Dr. Polasky was inducted as an AERE Fellow in 2010.  His address was titled "Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Development."

Laura Taylor  presented Professor Daniel Phaneuf, with a gift from AERE in appreciation of his service as the founding editor of the Journal of the Association of Enviornmental and Resource Economists (JAERE).  

Under Dr. Phaneuf's guidance, JAERE quickly established itself as the premiere outlet for the cutting-edge research in environmental and natural resource economics, and is sure to continue in its success under its new editorial team: Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Don Fullerton, Sheila Olmstead, and Christpher Timmins.