AERE Seeks Feedback on Diversity Statement


AERE Board Shares Draft Diversity Statement, Seeks Input

AERE seeks to be a welcoming scholarly community, but recent information from sources such as the AEA Climate Survey show that more needs to be done to increase diversity and improve the climate in environmental and resource economics. As a first step in that direction, AERE Vice President Amy Ando shared at the 2019 Summer Conference Awards Luncheon a Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion recently drafted by the AERE Board of Directors for adoption as official policy and solicited the input of AERE members in this effort:

AERE Statement on Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a professional organization representing environmental and natural resource economists, AERE is committed to facilitating an equitable and inclusive environment throughout the organization, at sponsored professional events and activities, and through its journals. This requires a culture in which all individuals are respected and are treated fairly regardless of gender identity and expression, age, race, ethnicity, nationality or national origin, religion, political affiliation, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, disability, health condition, physical appearance, marital status, parental status, professional status, or personal connections.

AERE’s leadership is committed to playing an active role in creating and maintaining an inclusive and professional climate that fosters open and constructive discussions and dialogue amongst all its members. It demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity in three ways: (1) by seeking out diversity in the types of individuals and professional opinions expressed at our conferences and workshops and in our journals; (2) by conducting a fair, open, and inclusive Board nominating process and seeking diversity in all elected and unelected leadership roles, including but not limited to AERE officers, board and committee members, conference organizers, and editors; and (3) by maintaining a standing committee to foster equity, diversity, and inclusion in its sponsored professional activities and duties.

AERE members are asked to read the draft statement and provide feedback by July 19, 2019. All responses are anonymous.





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