AERE Annual Summer Conference
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AERE’s signature Summer Conference gathers the world’s leading environmental and natural resource economists for two days of outstanding academic programming in a collegial atmosphere. The 2019 AERE Summer Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency at Lake Tahoe, Nevada on May 30 and 31, 2019. A pre-conference workshop will be held on May 29.

2019 Summer Conference Organizing Committee
Maximilian Auffhammer (University of California - Berkeley)
Katrina Jessoe (University of California - Davis)

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Summer 2019 Keynote Address

"Why I'm Excited About the Intersection of Environmental & Development Economics"


Seema Jayachandran
Professor of Economics at Northwestern University

2019 Pre-Conference Workshop
Advances in Integrated Assessment Modeling

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop Organizers
David Anthoff (University of California - Berkeley)
Elizabeth Koptis (US Environmental Protection Agency)
Frances C. Moore (University of California, Davis)
Nicholas Z. Muller (Carnegie Mellon University)

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 Sponsored Sessions 

The 2019 sponsored sessions featured papers on three themes: 

Advances in CGE Modeling to Inform Environmental Policy
Empirical Resource Economics: Fisheries
Empirical Resource Economics: Water Resources



AERE is grateful to the following funders for making this year's sponsored sessions possible:

Economic Research Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture

National Center for Environmental Economics
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Office of Response and Restoration