Emerging Professionals

Professional Development Panel Series

Experienced scholars in the field share their wisdom and experiences in panel discussions with graduate students as the intended audience, though all are welcome. These conversations are intended to increase student exposure and uncover aspects of the hidden curriculum in navigating a career in environmental and resource economics. Attendance is not restricted to AERE members!

Past panels:

  • September 22, 2021: “What’s the Cutting Edge in Environmental and Resource Economics Fields?” featuring Belinda Archibong, Fiona Burlig, Tamma Carleton, Hannah Druckenmiller, Teevrat Garg, Ivan Rudik
  • October 22, 2021: “Preparing for Success on the Job Market,” featuring Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Max Auffhammer, Marc Bellemare, Hongxing Liu, Brian Prest, Brigitte Roth Tran, Laura Taylor

Stay tuned for upcoming panels in spring 2022!

Mentoring Initiative

The AERE mentoring program aims to engage a diverse group of early career environmental and natural resource economists in AERE while providing invaluable career guidance, skill development, and networking opportunities. 

The AERE Scholars Program is an ambitious effort to increase diversity in environmental and natural resource economics, help the newest members of our community succeed, and create an inclusive culture that encourages members to give back to the organization and field. AERE is interested in engaging broader constituencies (as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, institutional rank, research profile, career type and stage, among other dimensions of diversity). The one-year Scholars Program will include (1) a one-on-one mentorship between the scholar and a more established AERE member, (2) peer mentoring that is led by the scholars themselves, and (3) a one-day workshop on the “hidden curriculum”. In addition, all accepted scholars will receive $1,500/year for travel to the AERE Summer Conference for the two years beginning and ending the program. Click here to learn more.

Lunch Match-Ups

At the 2021 summer conference, which was held remotely because of the pandemic, we invited graduate students and those further on in their careers to sign up to be matched up randomly to have (virtual) lunch with each other. We matched 139 people in pairs or trios, and sent them funding to get lunch delivered.

We plan to continue this in some form at future conferences!

Graduate Student Engagement

Graduate students are an integral part of the AERE scholar network. The AERE Grad Student Engagement Committee, created by the AERE Board of Directors in 2020, works to serve and engage graduate students who have interests in environmental and natural resource economics. So far, the committee has fielded two main initiatives.